Code of Ethics

The ethical principles
that guide us

The Code of Ethics states the ethical principles and values that form the culture of ECB Company  srl and that should inspire the conduct and behaviours of all stakeholders, operating inside and outside the company, while carrying out their business.

In particular it contains:

  • A) The principles of behaviour for the organisation, including observance of laws and regulations, righteous conduct, rejection of every form of discrimination, as well as the principles and criteria that govern the procedures of the organisation, including: personnel selection, development and training, choice of suppliers and external collaborators, honesty in all contractual matters, rules of investment, prohibition of operations aimed at money laundering, protection of fair competition, transparent and complete information management, confidentiality and obviously everything related to health, safety and the environment. 
  • B) The principles of behaviour that personnel must comply with: mutual respect, diversity acceptance and inclusion, professionalism, loyalty, honesty, correctness, confidentiality and the absence of conflict of interests.
  • C) The lines of conduct in relations with all stakeholders therefore with personnel, customers, suppliers, shareholders, public administration and the community; furthermore, this part also includes the criteria of diffusion of information and the procedures for the surveillance on the implementation of the code of ethics.

Notice to customers/suppliers: within the relationships with ECB Company Srl, compliance with the provisions of D.lgs. June 8th, 2001n. 231, with organizational and behavioural rules and with the principles of our Code of Ethics is to be considered a contractual obligation; failure to comply with the abovementioned principles and rules will entail a serious breach of the contract and will allow ECB Company Srl to the legal termination of the contract, in accordance with art. 1456 of c.c. – termination clause, without prejudice to compensation for the damages suffered by the Company.

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